Sorry – short and political…

We live in a world where the globalised production of food is a fact of life.

If I walk into a supermarket I may purchase any number of sweet beverages made with high fructose corn syrup. Which is fine.

I may purchase a kilo of frozen mixed berries (#berries) that were produced in China and Chile, which is also fine.

I could purchase some prawns that were grown in Thailand, which is also ok.

My hipster made latte is more than likely made from coffee grown on another continent to where i live.

At any time we can purchase food from anywhere in the world in our local store. WHICH is FINE…..

But what is not fine is that every time we purchase these items the origin of production is not on the label. So most of the time we don’t know where the food we are buying or what the actual mix of ingredients in the product is grown.

This is unfair on consumers and it needs to stop.

#wherewasitgrown #foodlabels

Where was it grown

One thought on “#wherewasitgrown

  1. Hiya, I don’t have that problem on my planet. Everything is declared in large lettering, with contact information. Organic produce has its on section, complete with contact information and maps. It’s good to know that some people were noisy enough to get this done. I hope that there will be more attention paid to informing consumers in Hipsterville soon.


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