The random thoughts of an office bound social leopard.


Yea, a little all over the place today……

Let’s face facts!

My keyboard possibly has more germs than the kitchen sink and I am not the type who is afraid of germs. In fact I welcome them, germs help our bodies immune systems get stronger.

It is just that a bit of mushroom in the office sink makes me want to gag. I don’t know why, it isn’t like I don’t eat them although from a fructose perspective they contain the sugar alcohol Mannitol. So they are not to be eaten in large amounts.

The main problem I have with mushrooms is just that they tend to look odd when discarded.

(A shiver just rolled down my spine as I picture the epitaph on my tombstone “Tended to look odd when discarded”)

I digress.

Dear office friends and colleagues – Instead of leaving the mushroom in the sink why not (a) pick up the discarded mushroom put it in the waste disposal? Or (b) wash it down the sink? Is it so hard to want office cleanliness? Are my expectations to high?

Time to digress again.

I really did not want to fill my beautifully crafted Japanese tea cup with hot water for fear of it falling into the odd looking discard.


I do love this tea cup. It is a sign that I have really joined the Hip Nation. Now all that is missing is a neatly trimmed beard and an obsession with coffee and craft beer.

My cup has a jagged lip which means when it is upside down in the draining position it does not promote fungal growth. There is very good airflow.

It also engenders wonderful comments from my colleagues.

“Nice cup”

“It certainly is” I answer with an air of self-assuredness that tells people “Of course it’s a great cup, I am from the Hip Nation!!”



Unfortunately the Bauhuas aesthetic of harmony between function and design is missing. It’s all design and absolutely no function. It has no handle. The short walk between my desk and the coffee room becomes a torture run as I try desperately to hold on to a vessel that becomes a tiny bit warmer than the sun when filled with hot water. The jagged lip that in theory allows for excellent drainage, is also actually a bit of a trap, or possibly a joke played on the user by the craft person. When sipping your beverage if you absentmindedly place your lips in the wrong position a good portion of the contents does not end up in your mouth. Which is really where you want all of the contents to end up. This means absolute concentration is required when using this cup unless you want to bring a change of shirt to work every day.

I am trapped. To lose my cup would be to give back my pass to Hip Nation. To keep it is to admit I am a dick…

Oh the humanity! Should I insert a #first world issues thingy here? I am so not good at twitter…


(I know its leppa by the way)

3 thoughts on “The random thoughts of an office bound social leopard.

  1. I liked this post and understand your dislike for germs. We’re all fastidious at our office and if someone were to try that mushrooms thing, someone would leave the kitchen and bawl it out. “Who is the owner of this mushroom? Come and get it!” Very scary. The cup is great but wait till you see my half gallon too big to be normal face can fit in it Disney princesses coffee mug. It has a fan club.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Here we are much more socially awkward.

      It is usually a global email accidentally sent to the wrong floor that will get a mushroom removed from a sink.

      That is a petty big self effacing view of your face you got there SaBiscuit

      Liked by 1 person

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