Plans… Without them you are going to fail.

I don’t often re read my blogs. I probably should but really I am doing this for stress relief more than anything. Writing a novel is different. It has taken me almost three years to get to the point of writing a chapter. I am so lazy and a great diverter of my resources. After I wrote the first chapter in two days (as an email to myself) I decided “yea this is pretty good” so I brought an iPad And have tried to write a little every day.

Unfortunately what actually happens is I write a great storm of words and follow with a break of weeks before doing another stint of writing.

It makes for a very odd read when you go back and find that the plot is not really matching up in the various chapters. To combat this I have started keeping a log of important events, character traits and descriptions to make sure I don’t forget or make mistakes.

Discipline and time is the issue. I work full time.

Funnily enough discipline and time is also the issue with a diet. Oh sugar I hate you so!

I am really hungry all the time.

Discipline and time. It is so easy to drop off the diet and eat chocolate or donuts or cake. Especially when you are hungry.

Also that cursed sugar free trap. If somebody tells you that their “HEALTH BAR” is sugar free, you can bet it is full of bad stuff.

Do you know what the answer is? – Planning

If I write every day for an hour I am more productive at work and more productive with my novel. I just lock down a time and book a meeting with myself. It is amazing how well this works.

The same with diet.

If I take the time in the evening to make myself healthy meals and snacks for the next day. Guess what? I am not hungry and I don’t eat crap.

Planning boring to write about but important to efficiency

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