Distant Moon Over Hipsterville


There is a strange moon over Hipsterville at the moment.

My lovely partner Ms Rabbit often suffers insomnia, which means she spends a lot of time trying to sleep, or shovelling.

Shovelling is what all of us do from time to time when we cannot sleep, shovel crazy thoughts through our minds on all manner of subjects. Shovelling is not going to stop the insomnia because the thoughts usually drive us crazy with emotions, like, envy, anger, lust, rage, sadness and depression.

When Ms Rabbit has chronic insomnia and starts shovelling you will find Baby Rabbit and I spending a lot of time ducking for cover and just staying out of the way.

Ms Rabbit has never had a Fructose or Lactose test, but I am going to try and coerce her to get one. We are in the early days of understanding how sugar and diet affect depression, however there are some strong indicators emerging that diet plays a large role in brain health.


I would like to think at some stage in the future we will all be off the anti depressants and eating a more healthy mix of foods. At the same time I have a crazy conspiracy theory; that food companies are deliberately putting sugar into every product because depressed, fructose addicted people are more likely to eat more.

Call me crazy but I see evidence of this in everything, take for example my lunch.

Spinach and Tuna.


Ok so I chose a cheap brand of tuna and yes I understand the threat of Mercury poison. I am more worried about the additives in the tuna can. In particular the 18% Olive Oil Blend.

Blended with what?? Nasal hair? Ear wax? Nope…

Soy oil of course.

Really would be better off blending our own urine with olive oil rather than soya oil. How do companies get away with putting a mix of olive and soya oil in a can and calling it olive oil blend. Firstly there is no detail around how much of the “blend” is soya and how much is olive. Soy oil is a trans-fat and the soybeans are (possibly) genetically engineered.

Your healthy lunch turns into a unhealthy alternative.

How many take away chains are doing this with their food also?

It is enough to make you depressed. In the meantime Ms Bunny will continue to stare at the moon while Baby Rabbit and I hide further down the rabbit hole.

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