Siri and RB

It is a beautiful clear day in Hipsterville and I am enjoying blue skies for a change.

This morning I popped little bunny on the bike and rode to child care. I have an app called Road Bike (RB for short) and together with my ultra large arm band I looked completely nerdish and felt very self-conscious. Little bunny however loved it and wants one of her own.

“I coming too” she said which means just about everything, but today it meant can I also have one of those cool armbands? Which is funny because it is almost bigger than her arm.


Ms Bunny, helped us out of our hip (overpriced) apartment and we hit the road. I was very surprised how free and light I felt with the new armband. Until I realised that I had left my backpack at home. I spun around and rode back to the apartment. Stopping out the front to call Ms Bunny. I immediately discovered that my nerdy armband is useless for speed dialling, but not before I called my boss, a friend and a number unknown. Finally in frustration I pulled the phone out of the sheath and hit Ms Rabbit’s number.

No answer. Again. No Answer. Dam, I wanted Ms Rabbit to save us by bringing the bag down. After four calls I just decided to ride into the basement. All the while RB was telling me in a voice surprisingly similar to Siri’s that “You have rode 1 kilometre”

For those who do not know what Siri is, Wikipedia describes (her or it) as: “Siri /ˈsɪri/ is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator which works as an application for Apple Inc.’s iOS. ( )

“Thanks RB.” I thought

Three doors and an elevator ride later I was in our apartment. Ms Bunny was surprised to see us.

“Oh, what’s wrong?” she asked

“You don’t answer your phone?” I replied

“Its upstairs on silent”

“I forgot my bag”

“Ehhhh parboya” (Which means idiot in Korean) “Do I have to drive her to childcare now?”

“No” A peck on the cheek and I was gone.

There was no way we were getting baby bunny of that seat and into the car so with an elevator ride, doors and gate we were on the road again. I dropped the bunny at childcare and headed towards work. All the while RB continued to give me stats and tell me every time I notched up another KM.

At one point RB in her Siri like voice yelled out “passing!”

“Yea gods!” I thought, RB is upset with my pace and wants to jump off my arm and run past me, but it turned out there was a woman riding behind me who also had a voice scarily similar to Siri. I could not help but wonder if she was also an “intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator”. She was certainly quick and agile on her bike as she raced past.

When I reached work I made an attempt at turning off RB who was barking crazily about losing map connectivity in the basement of my office. Turning off RB turned out to be quite difficult. Like a fool I stood trying to work out how to tell RB that I had finished riding now and wanted a shower. In the end the best I could do was pause the “session”.

Finally, after the four S’s (shower, shit, shave and shampoo) I sat at my desk trying to work out how to stop RB. After sliding and pressing my finger all over the screen I finally got it. I am still not sure how though.

RB than asked me to rate my ride. I gave it a happy face on a sunny day.

Road bike

RB than asked me if I would like to share my ride on face book?

“ahh, no thankyou RB”

I thought that would be it, but RB proceeded in a very loud voice to tell the entire office my route, my split time (whatever that is), my average speed and pace per KM.

“I could run faster than that” was a comment from one of my workmates.

“Thanks mate” I said back, with a hint of sarcasm.

I am not sure if I can be bothered tracking my ride home.

Here is a photo of a banana and some green tea…. (This is my one of only two bananas this week)


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